Friday, 30 January 2009

Ernie and Bert songs

List of songs performed by Ernie and/or Bert. From the Muppet Wiki page here

Adding, Adding, Adding
All Dressed Up
Bert's Blanket
Best Friend Blues
Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day
Breakfast Time
But I Like You
Climbing Nine Stairs
Dance Myself to Sleep
Dee, Dee, Dee
The Ding-Along Song
Do De Rubber Duck
Do What I Do
Do You Like Me?
Doin' The Pigeon
Don't Throw That Trash on the Ground
Everybody Wash
Feelin' Good/Feelin' Bad
Grow High Grow Low
Have You Ever Looked at a Paper Clip?
The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree
I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
I Got a Song
I Gotta Be Clean
I Like Laughing When I'm Happy Best of All
I Like To Sing
I Love My Room
I Love My Toes
I Think That It Is Wonderful
I Wish I Had a Friend to Play With Me
If I Knew You Were Coming
I'm Square
Imagine That
In My Book
It's a Circle
Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons
La, La, La
Little Plant
Loud and Soft
My Rock
The National Association of W Lovers
Oatmeal Box
One and One Make Two
One Fine Face
Opposite Game
Pigeons and Cookies and Trash
Pigeons on Parade
Put Down the Duckie
Quiet Time Song
Rub Your Tummy
Rubber Duckie
Shake Your Head One Time
Sing After Me
Somebody Come and Play
Stick Out Your Hand and Say Hello
Take a Rest
That's What Friends Are For
Things That I Remember
Up and Down Opera
Upside Down World
Wake Up!
What's the Name of That Song?
When Bert's Not Here
When I Was Little
Would You Like to Buy an O?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Science fair projects

A list of sample topics for science fair projects, from Newfoundland and Labrador's Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation here

* A Bell System
* History of Shells
* A Chemical Change
* Types of Fuels
* A Crystal Radio Set
* Heat can Produce Electricity
* Action of a Solenoid
* Fire Must Have Air to Burn
* A Door Chime
* How Electricity is Made
* Air Currents
* Climate
* An Electronic Map of Canada
* Electric Eye
* Weaving and Sewing Techniques
* ElectroMagnetism
* A Projector
* Fluorescent Lights
* Measuring the Ocean Depths
* Functions of a Camera
* Measuring Outer Space
* Glass and its Uses
* Model Airplanes
* How to Develop a Picture
* Molding
* How Traffic Signals Work
* Most Liquid contain either Acid or Alkali
* Inside a Cave
* Manufacturing Machinery
* Operation of a Doorbell
* Mercury
* Parts of an Electric Motor
* Minerals: Origin, Distribution
* The Arc Light
* A string Pump in action
* Our Community Planning
* A Weather Station
* Our Solar System
* A Cotton Gin
* Phases of the Moon
* A Wheat Elevator
* Printing and its value to Man
* Cross Section of a volcano
* Salt and its Uses
* Cross Section of an Oil Well
* Weather and Man
* Cross Section of the Earth
* Simple Machines
* Distillation of Water
* Sound
* Power & Food From the Sea
* Sulfur
* An ElectroMagnetic
* Fingerprinting
* Expansion and Contracting Of Liquids
* The Telegraph Key
* Man's Natural Resources
* Which Metals Conduct Heat?
* Rotation of Planets
* The Telephone
* Sending Messages by Electricity
* Train Signal
* Light
* Water finds its own level
* Snowflakes
* Water Supports Heavy Weights
* Space Travel is Coming
* An Electromagnetic Crane
* Space Problems in Gravity
* Machines and Tools
* Steam Propulsion
* Parts of a SailBoat
* Steam Turbines
* Parts of a Windmill
* The Fulcrum and the Lever
* Polar Constellations
* The Planets
* Principles of a Transformer
* Water is Compound of Hydrogen & Oxygen
* Products of Oil
* Jet Propulsion, Natural and Man-Made
* Working Principles of a Gasoline Engine
* The Quartz Family
* Working of a Telegraph
* A Reed Basket
* Workings of a Television
* Camera
* Workings of an Irrigation Pump
* Air Pressure in a Mercury Barometer
* Machines Made Work Easier
* Astronomy
* Birth of a Balloon
* The Blinker Light
* Causes of the Seasons
* Bulbs in Series and Parallel
* The Climate of your own Home
* Chemurgy
* Chlorophyll
* Canals and Locks
* Contour Mapping
* Using a Compass
* Weather Instruments -ForeCasting
* Minerals
* How Accurate are Homemade Weather Instruments?
* Water Cycle
* Rocks
* How Hard are Various Types of Rocks and Minerals?
* Mining - coal, iron ore, etc.
* Petroleum and Oil
* Erosion - What causes erosion? - How can soil erosion be prevented?
* Air Pollution - causes and cleanup
* Water Pollution
* Forces changing the Earth's Surface
* Precipitation
* Water Filtration
* The City of the Future
* A Study of a Stream
* The River
* Topographic Mapping
* Tides
* EarthQuakes and Associated measuring devices Hurricanes
* Collect and Identify minerals and rocks exposed in local area.
* Floods