Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pinball Machines of 1931

A list of pinball machines released in 1931 (arranged by date) from a search of the Internet Pinball Machine Database. One can search the database using various criteria, see extra list below...

1931- Champion Whiffle
1931- Whiffle Bagatelle
1931-01 - Stop and Sock
1931-03 - Karom Golf
1931-03 - Whoopee Game
1931-05 - Kew-Pin-Ball
1931-05 - Roll-A-Ball
1931-06 - Ace Is High
1931-06 - Big Boy
1931-06 - Dutch Pool
1931-06 - Kew Pin Golf Table
1931-06 - Snickerette (Deluxe)
1931-06 - Whiffle Board
1931-06 - Widget
1931-07 - Bingo
1931-08 - Bingo
1931-09 - Bingo
1931-10 - Jostle
1931-10 - The Cedar Ball
1931-10 - Variety
1931-11 - Baffle Ball
1931-11 - Baffle Ball
1931-11 - Bingo Ball
1931-11 - Bunnyboard
1931-11 - El Bumpo
1931-11 - Hy-Skor
1931-11 - New Roll-A-Ball/Hit The Goal
1931-11 - Stop and Sock
1931-12 - Baffle Ball Home Game
1931-12 - Buster Ball
1931-12 - Rollet
1931-12 - Skillo
1931-12 - Yo Yo
1931-12 - Bingo

List of search criteria

Machine Name
Game Type (Solid State Electronic (SS) Electro-Mechanical (EM) Pure Mechanical)
Master Processing Unit (MPU)
Model Number
Year of Release
No. of Players
Games Produced
Game Has (Owners List, Plastic Scans, Additional Information)
Game Theme
Notable Features
Playfield Toys
Photo References
Rule Sheets

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Sand Castle Contests

A list of sand castle contests from around the world. For more information, visit Sand Castle Central here.


Australia, Victoria, Rye - Feb


Luliang, China - April
Borocay Island, Phillipines - Oct.


Mandal, South of Norway - July
Figuiera do Foz, Portugal - July
Cervia , Italy - Aug.

Canada- East

Sainte-Anne-de-Portneuf, Quebec July
Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec - August
Expo Cite Quebec, Aug


Alberta, July
Pacific National Exhibition International, Vaqncouver, B.C. - Aug.
Parksville, BC, Aug
World Championship, Harrison Hot Springs, BC - Sept.

US-East Coast

Clearwater Beach, FL - May
Hampton Beach, NH - June
Isle of Palms, SC - June
Belmar, NJ - July
Edgartown, MA - Aug.
Amagansett Bay, NY - Aug
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - Aug.
Crane Beach, Mass. - Aug.
Virginia Beach Neptunefest - Sept..


Port Aransas, TX: April
Pensacola Beach, FL - June
Galveston TX (AIA), June
Corpus Christi, TX, June
South Padre Island, TX - Oct.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL - Nov.
US-West Coast
Pacific Beach, WA - May
Alameda, CA - June
Cannon Beach -June
Crown Beach,CA - June
Ocean Shores, WA - June
Spokane Sand in the City - July
Port Angeles, WA - July
Long Beach, WA - July
San Clemente, CA - July
Imperial Beach CA, July
Santa Barbara - August
Sand in the City - Olympia, WA - Aug.
Arcata, CA, August
Westport, WA, Sept.
Santa Barbara - Sept.
Sand in the City - Bellingham, WA - Sept..
Drake's Beach, CA - Sept.

US - Landlocked & Midwest

Great Sand Dunes National Monument, CO , June
Grand Haven, MI - June
Sand in the City, Omaha - June
Sand in the City, Ottumwa, Iowa - June
Sand in the City, Bowling Green, KY - July
Lake McConaughy, Ogallala, Nebraska - July
Sand in the City, Bowling Green, KY - Aug.
South/Cental America/Carribean
Peruvian Championships -Jan.
Puerto Rico - May

Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Big List of Birthday Party Ideas

For more information on any of the party ideas listed, see the website here

Airplane Party
Alphabet Party
Aquarium Party
Army Party
Around the World Party
Arts and Crafts Party
Autumn Harvest Party
Backwards Party
Barbie Party
Barnyard Party
Baseball Party
Batman Party
Beach Party
Beach Party (feature)
Blues Clues Party
Book Parties
Bowling Party
Bratz Party
Breakfast Party
Bug Party
Buzz Lightyear
Butterfly Party
Camping Party
Candyland Party
Care Bears Party
Carnival Party
Cartoon Characters
Christmas Party
Christmas Cookie Party
Cinderella Party
Circus Party
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clown Party
Color Party
Construction Party
Cooking Party
Cowboy Party
Cowgirl Party
Curious George
Dalmatian Party
Dance Party -
Dance Star (feature story)
Dinosaur Party
Disney Princess Party
Dog Party
Dora the Explorer Party
Dress-Up Party
Dress-up (feature story)
Easter Party
Elmo Party
Egyptian Party
Fairy Party
Farm Party
Fear Factor Party
Fifties Party
Fire Truck Parties
Fire Truck Party (feature)
Fishing Party
Food and Snacks
Frog Party
Garden Party
Goodie Bags
Gymnastics Party
Halloween Party
Halloween (feature story)
Harry Potter Party
Hoe Down Party
Hollywood Premier Party
Ice Cream Party
Ice Skating Party
Incredibles Party
Jungle Party
Karaoke Party
Kim Possible Party
Knights of Round Table
Ladybug Party
Laser Tag Party (feature)
Lego Party
Lilo & Stitch Party
Luau Party
Makeover Party
Mall Party
Miniature Golf Party
Miscellaneous -
Movie Theater Party
Mystery Party
Olympics Party
Oscar Party
Party Favors
Peter Pan Party
Pharaoh Party
Pirate Party
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pizza Parlor & Fun Zone
Playdoh Party
Play Party
Pokemon Party
Pony Party
Pooh - Winnie the Pooh
Pool Party
Princess Party
Racing Party
Rescue Heroes Party
Restaurant Party
Rock Star Party
Rock Climbing Party
Rodeo Party
Roller Skating Party
Rubber Ducky Party
Safari Party
Salon Party (feature)
Scooby Doo Party
Scavenger Hunt Party
Science Party
Science (feature story)
Scrapbook Party
Sesame Street Party
Sixties Party
Sleep Over Party
Snow and Snowman
Snow White Party
Spa Party
Space Party
Spiderman Party
Splash in the Backyard
SpongeBob Squarepants
Sports Party
Spy Party
Star Wars Party
Strawberry Shortcake
St. Patrick's Day Party
Super Hero Party
Superman Party
Surprise Party
Survivor Party
Sweet 16 Party
Tea Party
Tea Party (feature story)
Teddy Bear Party
Teletubbies Party
Thomas the Tank Engine
Tie Dye Party
Toy Story Party
Train Party
Train Party (feature)
Under the Sea
Unicorn Party
Valentine Party
Veggie Tales Party
Western Style Party
Western (feature story)
Wiggles Party
Willy Wonka Party
Winnie the Pooh
Winter Snow and Sledding
Wizard of Oz Party
Woody and Buzz Lightyear
Zoo Party
Zorro Party
4th of July Party
50s and 60s Party
All the other parties not listed.

Friday, 15 June 2007

New Jersey’s “Roster of the Ridiculous”

In 2004, 4,078 unusual items were collected by Beach Sweep volunteers from New Jersey's beaches. Here is a list of items designated by the volunteers as the "most unusual". To view the full list, see the report here

Wash-n-Wear (500)

182 Socks, 78 Shirts, 65 Hats & Caps, 43 Cloth Gloves,

27 Underwear, 25 Dryer Sheets, 19 Pants/Shorts,

9 Amusement Park Wrist Bands, 9 Clothing Belts,

7 Buttons, 6 Headbands, 5 Jackets, 5 Shoelaces,

5 Sweaters, 4 Scarves or Bandanas, 2 Back Packs,

2 Coats, 2 Pairs of Pantyhose, 2 Pieces of Velcro,

Belt Buckle, Raincoat, and a Dress Shoulder Pad

Weird Science (18)

7 Rubber Stoppers, 4 Glass Test Tubes, Acid Container

(part), Inflatable “Earth,” Magnet, Meter stick, Pipe

Cleaner, Suction Cup, and a Weather Balloon

The Undersea World (34)

13 “O” rings, 10 Ear Plugs, 6 Swimsuits, 3 Swim

Goggles/Masks, Scuba Fins, and a Wetsuit

Tool Time (57)

8 Paint Brushes & Rollers, 5 Clamps, 5 Saw Blades,

3 Flashlights, 3 Garden Hoses, 3 Screwdrivers,

3 Shovels, 3 Tarps, 2 Measuring Tapes, 2 Misc. Tools,

2 Pieces of Sandpaper, 2 Thermoses, 2 Watering Cans,

a 5-Gallon Jug, a 5-Gallon Metal Bucket, Construction

Lamp Guard, Exacto Knife, Funnel, Garden Hose Roller,

Grinding Tool, Pliers, Snow Brush, Tool Belt, Tool Box,

Water Nozzle, Wooden Ladder, and a Wrench

Buried Treasure (45)

11 Lottery Cards & Tickets, 8 Rings, 6 Tokens,

5 Necklaces, 5 Watches, 3 Bracelets, 3 Ear-rings,

Credit Card, Jewelry Bag, Phone Card, Wallet, and

$0.54 in change

Holidays at the Shore (38)

24 Easter Eggs, 2 Artificial Christmas Trees,

2 Christmas Ornaments, 2 Easter Grass, 2 Gift Bows,

Easter Basket, Halloween Prop, Halloween Skull, New

Years Party Streamers, and a set of Vampire Teeth

Wild World of Sports (302)

100 Miscellaneous Balls, 42 Tennis Balls, 23 Golf Balls,

12 Pieces of Surf Wax, 10 Bike Reflectors, 7 Baseballs,

6 Bikes, 6 Boogie Boards, 5 Golf Tees, 4 Footballs,

3 Frisbees, 3 Hockey Pucks, 3 Knee Pads, 3 Shower/

Swim Caps, 2 Baseball Bats, 2 Horseshoes, 2 Mouth

Guards, 2 Skateboards, Badminton Birdie, Bar Bell

Weight, Bike Light, Bike Part, Bike Seat, Bungee Cord/

Surf Leash, Golf Glove, Hackey Sack, Hockey Stick,

Paddle Ball Paddle, Paint Ball, Ping-Pong Ball, Snow

Sled, Soccer Ball, Soccer Shin Guard, Softballs, Tennis

Racket, Volleyball Net, Whistle, and 47 Beach Chairs

Odds-n-Ends (804)

563 Fire Cracker/Fireworks Parts, 123 Crack Vials &

Bags, 42 Rubber Hoses/Tubing, 10 Pieces of Bubble

Wrap, 8 Flubber/Rubber Blobs, 8 Oil/Tar Blobs,

8 Plastic Crates/Baskets/Tubs, 6 Beach Badges,

4 Flags, 3 Salt Bags, 2 Fire Hoses, 2 Pieces of Florist

Foam, 2 Metal Wheels, 2 US Flags, “Intrepid Museum”

Wrist Band, “Nazi” Pin, “Yankee” Ticket (7/5/04), Beach

Badge (1989), Beach Badge (1975 Bradley

Beach -daily), Box of Rat Poison, Casino Cups,

Dreidel, Flag Pole, Gas Mask, Gum Ball Machine,

Helium Tank, Metal Bench, Metal Seahorse, Sex Toy,

Shopping Carts, Some “Fuzzy” Thing, Tiki Torch,

Umbrella Holder, and a Voodoo Doll

Kids’ Stuff (100)

27 Pacifiers, 14 Baby Wipes, 14 Kites, 4 Crayons,

4 Wiffle Balls, 3 Bubble Blow Sticks, 3 Kite String

Spools, 3 Metal Toy Cars, 2 Baby Bottles, 2 Baby

Strollers, 2 Beach Balls, 2 Kiddy Pools, 2 Stuffed

Animals, 2 Super Balls, 2 Toy Soldiers, “Barbie” 2-Car

Garage, “Barbie” Clothes, “Barbie” Doll, “Barbie” Head,

“Barbie” Purse, “Radio Flyer” Wagon, Baby Bottle

Nipple, Baby Doll, Ball of String, Indian Figurine, Lego

Man, Metal Swing, Pom-Pom, Pool Noodle, Rubber

Ducky, Toy Piano, Trophy, and a Water Gun

High Seas (42)

11 Boat Parts, 9 Boat Bumpers, 3 Anchor Chains/

Chains, 2 Boat/Cleaning Brushes, 2 Flares, 2 Life

Preservers & Jackets, 2 Windshields, 5-gallon Bucket

filled with Concrete & Chain, Anchors, Boat Antenna,

Boat Cushion, Boat Door, Rudder, Dock Box, Jet Ski

Steering Wheel, Oar/Paddle, and a Boat Spring Rod

Road Warrior (70)

15 Car Parts, 6 Car Mats, 5 Car Bumpers, 5 Keys,

5 Key Rings, 4 Car Batteries, 4 Cup Holders, 3 Oil

Filters, 2 Headlights, 2 Hub Caps, 2 Spark Plugs,

2 Traffic Cones, 2 Truck Mud Flaps, 2 Windshield

Wipers, Car Air Filter, Car Tail Light, Engine Head,

Gas Cap, Gasket, Metal Springs, Motor, Muffler, Oil

Can, Truck Bed Liner, and a Truck Tailgate

Faking It (27)

15 Plastic Flowers, 7 Plastic Leaves, Plastic Lips,

Plastic Palm Tree, Plastic Plant, Plastic Seahorse Head

and a Plastic Thumb

What’s Up, Doc? (163)

71 “Band Aids,” 33 “Q-tips,” 21 Medicine Bottles/

Containers, 9 Inhalers, 8 Dust/Surgical Masks, 3 Eye

Droppers, 3 Pregnancy Tests, 2 “ACE” Bandages,

2 Medical Braces, Bathroom Medicine Cabinet, Contact

Lens Case, Dentures/Retainers, Diaphragm, Unopened

Condom, Eye Glass Case, Hospital ID Bracelet, IV

Bag, Medical Ampule w/ Yellow Liquid, Package of

Birth Control Foam, and a Specimen Cup

Back to School (503)

259 Pens, 186 Rubber Bands, 41 Pencils, 5 Erasers,

3 Glue Sticks, 3 Trays, 2 Tape Dispensers, Binder,

Paper Clip, School I.D., and a Wooden Desk

What’s Cooking (53)

16 Metal Forks, Knives, & Spoons, 13 Plastic Bowls/

Tupperware, 5 Glass Bowls/Plates/Cups, 3 Tea Bags,

2 Kitchen Knives, 2 Metal Plates, 2 Toasters,

Butter Tray, Cake Decorating Tip/Tubes, Coffee Mug,

Coffee Pot, Freezer, Garlic Press, Ice Tray,

Measuring Cup, Salad Spinner, and a Salt/Pepper


Beauty and the Beach (406)

92 Combs, 73 Hair Scrunchies, 57 Chap/Lip Sticks,

46 Sun & Eye Glasses, 33 Toothbrushes, 27 Barrettes,

18 Brushes, 15 Hair Curlers, 7 Razors, 6 Toothpaste

Tubes, 5 Make-up Kits, 5 Bars of Soap, 4 Nail Files,

4 Wigs, 3 Deodorant Containers, 3 Eyeliners, 3 Nail

Polish Brush/Bottles, 3 Plastic Fingernails, 2 Hair Nets

Gone Fishin’ (24)

8 Fishing Knives, 5 Rubber Lures, 4 Commercial

Fishing Bands, 3 Fishing Rods, 3 Rubber Boots,

2 Metal Fishing Lures, 3 Tackle Boxes, and a Fishing


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Capital to Capital

A list of distances between capital cities that start with the letter C (created using elbruz.org’s Capital to Capital Distance calculator here)

Canberra to Cairo - 14252 km
Cairo to Capetown - 7239 km
Capetown to Copenhagen - 9977 km
Copenhagen to Colombo - 7959 km
Colombo to Conakry - 10257 km
Conakry to Caracas - 5818 km
Caracas to Castries - 752 km
Castries to Canberra - 16180 km

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Things to do at the Snow Village

Snow Village, located in Finland, is created each year in late November from around "a thousand truck loads of snow". It combines accommodation facilities with outdoor features such as slides and sculptures, all "made of nothing but crystallised water." Here is a list of activities on offer at Snow Village.

Weekly Activities

10:00 Two hour snowmobile safari
14:00 15 km huskysafari

10:00 Snowmobile safari to husky farm
17:00 Overnight safari to Snow Village

10:00 A whole day snowmobile safari
17:00 Evening safari to Snow Village

10:00 Reindeer sleigh ride to wilderness
14:00 Two hour snowmobile safari
17:00 Sleigh ride to Snow Village and dinner
17:00 Overnight safari to Snow Village

10:00 A whole day snowmobile safari
14:00 Dog sleigh ride to wilderness 5km
17:00 Evening safari to Snow Village
17:00 Overnight safari to Snow Village

10:00 Snowmobile safari to reindeer farm
14:00 15 km huskysafari
17:00 Evening safari to Snow Village
17:00 Overnight safari to Snow Village

10:00 Snowmobile safarit to husky farm (husky 3 km)
17:00 Overnight safari to Snow Village

Activities available on request

Short reindeer sleigh ride
Moonlight reindeer safari
Two day husky safari
Two day snowmobile safari
Fireworks in the evening events
Arctic disco
Twilight time with shaman
Weddings in Snow Village

Friday, 8 June 2007

Flowers for a Flower Clock

A list of approximate opening and closing times of flowers suitable for making a flower clock. From the BBC website here

0200 Night blooming cereus closes
0500 Morning glories, wild roses
0600 Spotted cat's ear, catmint
0700 African marigold, orange hawkweed, dandelions
0800 Mouse-ear hawkweed, African daisies
0900 Field marigold, gentians, prickly sowthistle closes
1000 Helichrysum, Californium poppy, common nipplewort closes
1100 Star of Bethlehem
1200 Passion flower, goatsbeard, morning glory closes
1300 Chiding pink closes
1400 Scarlet pimpernel closes
1500 Hawkbit closes
1600 'Four o'clock' plant opens, small bindweed closes, Californian poppy closes
1700 White waterlily closes
1800 Evening primrose, moonflower
2000 Daylilies and dandelions close
2100 Flowering tobacco
2200 Night blooming cereus

Fiction's very wealthiest: The Forbes List

Forbes's annual rich list of fiction's very wealthiest for 2006. Aggregate (fictional) net worth? $111 billion. For more details see the website here

Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks
Montgomery Burns
Scrooge McDuck
Richie Rich
Jed Clampett
Mr. Monopoly
Bruce Wayne
Tony Stark
Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria
Thurston Howell III
Willy Wonka
Lucius Malfoy
Tony Montana
Lara Croft

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The History of Hot Sauce

A list of famous dates in hot sauce history 1807 - 1994. From the Austin Chronicle here

1807 The first bottled cayenne sauces appear in Massachusetts.
1860 J. McCollick & Company of New York City produces Bird Pepper Sauce in large cathedral bottles.
1849 The first recorded crop of tabasco chiles is grown by a prominent Louisiana banker and legislator, Colonel Maunsell White
1859 Colonel White manufactures the first hot sauce from the "Tobasco" chiles and advertises bottles of it for sale. Edmund McIlhenny plants some of Colonel White's seeds on his plantation on Avery Island.
1863 McIlhenny and his family abandon Avery Island to take refuge in San Antonio, Texas during the Civil War.
1868 McIlhenny packages his aged sauce in 350 used cologne bottles and sends them as samples to likely wholesalers. The sauce is so popular that orders pour in for thousands of bottles.
1870 McIlhenny obtains a patent on his Tabasco® Brand hot pepper sauce.
1898 another Louisiana entrepreneur (and former McIlhenny employee) founds B.F. Trappey and Sons and begins producing his own sauce, which is also called "Tabasco."
1906 The McIlhenny family trademarks the Tabasco brand
1916 Charles E. Erath of New Orleans begins manufacturing Extract of Louisiana Pepper, Red Hot Creole Peppersauce.
1918 La Victoria Foods begins manufacturing Salsa Brava in Los Angeles, California.
1923 Baumer Foods of Louisiana introduces Crystal Hot Sauce.
1928 Bruce Foods starts making Original Louisiana Hot Sauce.
1941 Henry Tanklage forms La Victoria Sales Company and introduces red taco sauce, green taco sauce, and enchilada sauce -- the first of their kind in the United States.
1947 David Pace begins to sell picante sauce in Texas. "In '47, my sauce bottles exploded all over the grocery shelves because I couldn't get the darned formula right," the founder of Pace Picante Sauce remembers.
1955 La Preferida begins manufacting a line of salsas.
1975 Patti Swidler of Tucson, Arizona launches Desert Rose Salsa, a line designed to be sold in gourmet shops.
1979 Dan Jardine begins production of Jardine's commercial salsa, launching Austin's reputation (disputed by San Antonio) as the hot sauce capital of America.
1990 Austin beats San Antonio in the first Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Contest. Several contest winners go on to bottle their winning sauces, setting off a hot sauce explosion in Austin.
1992 Salsa replaces ketchup as America's number one condiment in dollar sales.
1993 Kitty Crider of the Austin American-Statesman counts 48 commercial salsas being made in Austin.
1994 With over 350 hot sauces entered, The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Contest claims the title of the largest hot sauce contest in the world.