Thursday, 22 April 2010

New Zealand grasses

A list of New Zealand grasses, from The New Zealand Flora Database

Bigtop love grass
Great quaking grass
Purple-eyed grass
Fringed signal grass
Spangle grass
Fountain grass
Shivery grass
Gulf barnyard grass
Paradoxa grass
Pincushion grass
Radiate fingergrass
Reflexed salt grass
Coastal immorality grass
Star grass
Gopher-tail love grass
Floating sweet grass
Early hair grass
Molasses grass
Himalaya fairy grass
Paddle grass
Perrenial beard grass
Tumble windmill grass
Japanese carpet grass
Yellow nut grass
Unbranched umbrella grass
Whiskey grass
Woolly cup grass

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pindar's Victors

A list of victors (and their respective events) celebrated by Pindar in his Victory Odes. From Wikipedia

Hippocles of Thessaly - Boy's Long Foot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Midas of Acragas - Flute-Playing

Asopichus of Orchomenos - Boys' Foot-Race

Megacles of Athens - Chariot-Race

Timodemus of Acharnae - Pancration

Sogenes of Aegina - Boys' Pentathlon

Pythias of Aegina - Youth's Pancration

Phylacides of Aegina - Pancration (celebrated in two odes)

Cleandrus of Aegina - Pancration

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Theron of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Hieron of Syracuse - Chariot-Race

Aristocleides of Aegina - Pancration

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Telesicrates of Cyrene - Foot-Race in Armour

Thrasydaeus of Thebes - Boys' Short Foot-Race

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Melissus of Thebes - Chariot Race & Pancration

Timisarchus of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Hieron of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesias of Syracuse - Chariot-Race with Mules

Epharmus of Opous - Wrestling-Match

Ergoteles of Himera - Long Foot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Diagoras of Rhodes - Boxing-Match

Xenophon of Corinth - Short Foot-Race & Pentathlon

Arcesilas of Cyrene - Chariot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling-Match

Deinis of Aegina - Foot-Race

Herodotus of Thebes - Chariot-Race

Psaumis of Camarina - Chariot-Race with Mules

Strepsiades of Thebes - Pancration

Aristomenes of Aegina - Wrestling-Match

Aristagoras of Tenedos - Inauguration as Prytanis

Theaius of Argos - Wrestling-Match

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Lost Pubs of Shropshire

A list of closed pubs in Shropshire. For many more closed pubs, see The Lost Pubs Project

Fox & Duck
Three Horseshoes
Queens Arms
Lion Inn
Old Rodney
Golden Lion
Kynnersley Arms
Red Lion
Smithfield Inn
Tontine Inn
Fox & Hounds
Castle Inn
Monk Moor
Old Bush Inn
Shropshire Lad
Station Hotel
String of Horses
Unicorn Hotel
Barley Mow
Bell and Bails
Black Horse
Charlton Arms
Champion Jockey
Dun Cow
Fighting Cocks
Fox & Hounds
Greyhound Inn
Kings Arms
Pear Tree Bridge Inn
Pigeon Box
Robin Hood
White Horse Hotel
Cross Keys
Three Horseshoes
Kynaston Arms
White Horse

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hot air balloon festivals

A list of hot air balloon festivals, from Wikipedia

Sevier County "Eyes to the Sky" Balloon Festival Utah
Sandy City Balloon Festival Sandy Utah
The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race
Delta Air Balloon Festival Mississippi
Metro NY Balloon & Music Festival
2008 Novotel Balloon Fiesta Australia
US National Hot Air Balloon Championship
National Balloon Classic Indianola, Iowa
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
National Balloon Rally Statesville, North Carolina
World Hot Air Balloon Championship
Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival
Great Forest Park Balloon Race
Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race
Thunderbird Balloon Classic Glendale, Arizona
Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic
Colorado Balloon Classic
Great Pershing Balloon Derby
Great Texas Balloon Race
International Balloon Festival
Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Bristol, UK
Ravenna Balloon A-Fair Ravenna, Ohio
Ashland Ballonfest Ashland, Ohio
Blossom Time Balloon Festival Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival Battle Creek, Michigan
Plano Balloon Festival Plano, Texas
Eyes to the Skies Festival Lisle, Illinois
Great Reno Balloon Race
New York State Festival of Balloons Dansville, New York
Freedom Weekend Aloft Anderson, South Carolina
Ballonfiƫsta Barneveld Barneveld, The Netherlands
London International Hot Air Balloon Festival London, Ontario
Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning Readington Township, New Jersey
Michigan Challenge Howell, Michigan
Hot Air Jubilee Jackson, Michigan
St. Patrick's Day Balloon Rallye Los Lunas, New Mexico
Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off Cornwall, Ontario
Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival Temecula, California
Atlantic Balloon Fiesta Sussex, New Brunswick
Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally Binghamton, New York
Hot Air Balloons Championship of Poland
University Motors Mountaineer Balloon Festival Morgantown, West Virginia Breda Balloon Fiƫsta Breda, The Netherlands
High Hopes Hot Air Balloon Festival Milford, New Hampshire
Warsteiner Internationale Montgolfiade
Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival Gatineau, Quebec
Kiwanis Balloonfest Valparaiso, Indiana
The Great Prosser Balloon Rally Prosser, Washington
Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival Yuma, Arizona
Centralia Balloon Festival Centralia, Illinois
European Hot Air Balloon Championships
Mid-Hudson Valley Balloon Festival Poughkeepsie, New York
Great Falls Balloon Festival Lewiston / Auburn, Maine
RE/MAX Ballunar Liftoff Festival Houston - Johnson Space Center, Texas
Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines
Mansfield Balloon Festival Victoria, Australia
Northwest Connecticut Balloon Festival Connecticut
Saxonia International Balloon Fiesta Leipzig, Germany
Great Northern Balloon Festival & Air Show Greenville, New York
Bluegrass Balloon Festival (formerly called Adam Matthews Balloon Festival)
US NABA National Championships Varies (Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2006) Warren County Farmers' Fair Balloon Festival New Jersey
Big Bear Balloon Festival Ohio
Guanajuato International Air Balloon Festival Mexico
Northwest Art and Air Festival Albany, Oregon
Dubai Balloon Festival Dubai, UAE
Ferrara International Balloons Festival Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Genesis Wairarapa International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Wairarapa, North Island, New Zealand
Balloons over Waikato Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand
Menlo Foothills Festival of Balloons Menlo, Georgia
Bluff Balloon Festival Bluff, Utah
International Balloon Grand Prix Todi, Todi, Umbria, Italy
Thurston Classic Meadville, Pennsylvania
Sierra Vista Festival of Color Sierra Vista, Arizona
Meetjeslandse Balloonmeeting Eeklo, Belgium
Arizona's SalsaFest Balloon Festival

Friday, 29 January 2010

Undersea features

A list of undersea features, from the GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names

Animal Basin
Betty Guyot
Black Hole
Bulldog Bank
Cap Ferret Canyon
Coral Patch Bank
Dreadnought Bank
Earthwatch Seamount
Fifteen-Twenty Fracture Zone
Four Ladies Bank
Golden Bo'sunbird Seamounts
Hotspur Fracture Zone
Ice Sphinx Hole
Investigator Canyon
Invisible Bank
Karma Seamounts
Little Bahama Bank
Lousy Bank
Mathematicians Seamounts
Mount Error Guyot
Mozart Seamount
Musicians Seamounts
Northern Holiday Seamount
Popcorn ridge
Porcupine Abyssal Plain
Prunes Seamount
Rat Island Canyon
Researcher Ridge
Rude Knoll
Rumble III Seamount
Shackleton Canyon
Speakers Bank
Stalemate Canyon
Three Points Spur
Tongue of the OceanTrough
Topgallant Canyon
Unicorn Bank
Wallaby Saddle
Wildcat Canyon