Saturday, 23 February 2008

Weekly themes from "A Word a Day"

"A Word a Day" is a service provided by Wordsmith.Org that emails a word, its definition and an example of its use in context, to your in-box each day. Each week words fall under a different theme. The following is a selection of themes from 2007. For all themes, see the webpage here

Words with hidden animals
Words that have many unrelated meanings
Terms from law
Unusual words used in famous quotations
Words for odds and ends
Archaic words
Words about words
Words related to calendar

Monday, 18 February 2008

Space Lego themes

A list of space lego themes from 1978 - present. From Wikipedia's list of lego themes here

Blacktron I (1987–1990)
Futuron (1987–1990)
Space Police I (1989–1990, 1993)
M:Tron (1990–1993)
Blacktron Future Generation (1991–1993)
Space Police II (1992–1993)
Ice Planet 2002 (1993–1994, 1999)
Unitron (1994–1995)
Spyrius (1994–1996, 1999)
Exploriens (1996)
Roboforce (1997)
UFO (1997–1998)
Insectoids (1998–1999)
Life on Mars (2001)
Mars Mission (2007–present)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Swatch themes

A list of swatch design themes from Each theme has its own collection of swatches. The second list below is of the names of swatches with the "Puzzle Motion" theme.

Cyber Queen
Geometric Elegance
Irony Lady Square
Matter Of Class
Playfully Pastel
Urban Adventures
Puzzle Motion
Swatch Retrograde
Olympic Collection
Core Collection


Flower Ballet
Turtle Turn
Eternal Tribal
Blue Satelite
Moving Flower