Thursday, 22 April 2010

New Zealand grasses

A list of New Zealand grasses, from The New Zealand Flora Database

Bigtop love grass
Great quaking grass
Purple-eyed grass
Fringed signal grass
Spangle grass
Fountain grass
Shivery grass
Gulf barnyard grass
Paradoxa grass
Pincushion grass
Radiate fingergrass
Reflexed salt grass
Coastal immorality grass
Star grass
Gopher-tail love grass
Floating sweet grass
Early hair grass
Molasses grass
Himalaya fairy grass
Paddle grass
Perrenial beard grass
Tumble windmill grass
Japanese carpet grass
Yellow nut grass
Unbranched umbrella grass
Whiskey grass
Woolly cup grass

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pindar's Victors

A list of victors (and their respective events) celebrated by Pindar in his Victory Odes. From Wikipedia

Hippocles of Thessaly - Boy's Long Foot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Midas of Acragas - Flute-Playing

Asopichus of Orchomenos - Boys' Foot-Race

Megacles of Athens - Chariot-Race

Timodemus of Acharnae - Pancration

Sogenes of Aegina - Boys' Pentathlon

Pythias of Aegina - Youth's Pancration

Phylacides of Aegina - Pancration (celebrated in two odes)

Cleandrus of Aegina - Pancration

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Theron of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Hieron of Syracuse - Chariot-Race

Aristocleides of Aegina - Pancration

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Telesicrates of Cyrene - Foot-Race in Armour

Thrasydaeus of Thebes - Boys' Short Foot-Race

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Melissus of Thebes - Chariot Race & Pancration

Timisarchus of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Hieron of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesias of Syracuse - Chariot-Race with Mules

Epharmus of Opous - Wrestling-Match

Ergoteles of Himera - Long Foot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Diagoras of Rhodes - Boxing-Match

Xenophon of Corinth - Short Foot-Race & Pentathlon

Arcesilas of Cyrene - Chariot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling-Match

Deinis of Aegina - Foot-Race

Herodotus of Thebes - Chariot-Race

Psaumis of Camarina - Chariot-Race with Mules

Strepsiades of Thebes - Pancration

Aristomenes of Aegina - Wrestling-Match

Aristagoras of Tenedos - Inauguration as Prytanis

Theaius of Argos - Wrestling-Match