Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lord and Lady Apples

A list of Lord and Lady apple varieties compiled from a search of the Brogdale Horticultural Trust's Apple Collection here

Kirke's Lord Nelson
Lord Burghley
Lord Clyde
Lord Derby
Lord Derby spur type
Lord Grosvenor
Lord Hindlip
Lord Lambourne
Lord Lennox
Lord Peckover
Lord Rosebery
Lord Stradbroke
Lord Suffield
Lady Henniker
Lady Hollendale
Lady Hopetown
Lady Isabel
Lady Lambourne
Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Wemyss
Lady Sudeley
Lady William

Monday, 12 May 2008

Names for Table Tennis

A list of early names for the game eventually known as Table Tennis from The International Table Tennis Federation's "A Comprehensive History of Table Tennis" here

Ping Pong or Gossima
Ping Pong
Table Tennis
Whiff Waff
Parlour Tennis
Indoor Tennis
Royal Game
Tennis de Salon
and others.