Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pindar's Victors

A list of victors (and their respective events) celebrated by Pindar in his Victory Odes. From Wikipedia

Hippocles of Thessaly - Boy's Long Foot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Midas of Acragas - Flute-Playing

Asopichus of Orchomenos - Boys' Foot-Race

Megacles of Athens - Chariot-Race

Timodemus of Acharnae - Pancration

Sogenes of Aegina - Boys' Pentathlon

Pythias of Aegina - Youth's Pancration

Phylacides of Aegina - Pancration (celebrated in two odes)

Cleandrus of Aegina - Pancration

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Theron of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Hieron of Syracuse - Chariot-Race

Aristocleides of Aegina - Pancration

Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Locris - Boys' Boxing Match

Hieron of Syracuse - Horse-Race

Telesicrates of Cyrene - Foot-Race in Armour

Thrasydaeus of Thebes - Boys' Short Foot-Race

Chromius of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Melissus of Thebes - Chariot Race & Pancration

Timisarchus of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Hieron of Aetna - Chariot-Race

Xenocrates of Acragas - Chariot-Race

Agesias of Syracuse - Chariot-Race with Mules

Epharmus of Opous - Wrestling-Match

Ergoteles of Himera - Long Foot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling Match

Diagoras of Rhodes - Boxing-Match

Xenophon of Corinth - Short Foot-Race & Pentathlon

Arcesilas of Cyrene - Chariot-Race

Alcimidas of Aegina - Boys' Wrestling-Match

Deinis of Aegina - Foot-Race

Herodotus of Thebes - Chariot-Race

Psaumis of Camarina - Chariot-Race with Mules

Strepsiades of Thebes - Pancration

Aristomenes of Aegina - Wrestling-Match

Aristagoras of Tenedos - Inauguration as Prytanis

Theaius of Argos - Wrestling-Match


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