Sunday, 31 May 2009


A selection of jigs, from Nottingham Folk Music Database's permuted index for "jigs" here

Backstairs Jig
The Leaking Bagpipe
Jan Martindale's Trip to the Bathroom
Bean setting (North Skelton)
Belfast Almanac
Miss Bennet's Jig
The Bent Pin
Biddy the Bowl Wife
Bung your Eye
Little Burnt Potato
Danny MacPhail's Dilemma
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
Dancing the Dustman
Manor Gardens
Goat on the Hill arrangement
Grandfather's Pet
Swimming in the Gutter
Haste to the Wedding
The Weaver and his Wife 1
The Weaver and his Wife 2
The Old Horned Sheep or The Humours Of Donnybrook
Northern Hospitality Jig or Seamus Plagiarism
Hot Punch
Icy Jig
Ingalls' Jingle
Irish Washerwoman standard
Irish Washerwoman variation
Life is all Chequered
Island Spider
Rake Maker's Jig
Workshop Jig
Kilty Lads
Cherish the Ladies
Princess Margaret
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing
The Naughty 'Noochie
Starry Night for a Ramble
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Pete's Peerie Boat
Pizza and Apple Pies
Pine Cones
Red Cigar
Red Stocking Sam
Orange Rogue
Scrabble on Sunday?
Sir Watkin's Jigg
Smash the Windows
The Family's Pride
The Self
The Spaceman
Tripping Upstairs

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ballroom dances beginning with K

A list of ballroom dances beginning with K, from The Christchurch Ballroom Dancing Club Script Library here

Kade's Saunter (Kady's)
Kahala Quickstep
Kandy Jive
Kantaoui, Tango
Karand Jive
Kareen Quickstep
Karen Foxtrot
Karena, Waltz
Karina Cha Cha Cha
Kariokee Cha Cha Cha
Karsha Anne's Waltz
Katie Cha Cha Cha
Katrina Saunter
Katrina, Samba
Katrina, Tango
Katy Quickstep
Kaybee Saunter
Kaymar Sway
Kay's Quickstep
K.D.C. Blues
Keaki Quickstep
Kelly Quickstep
Kelmore Foxtrot
Kempston Quickstep
Kendray Quickstep
Kennies Waltz
Kensway Tango
Kentucky Blues
Kenwyn Tango
Keresley Quickstep
Kerry Lee March
Kerry Quickstep
Kestral Quickstep
Key Quickstep
Khyber Quickstep
Kia Ora Schottische
Killarney Quickstep
Killarney Vale Waltz
Killarney Waltz (Version 1)
Killarney Waltz (Version 2)
Kingfisher Saunter
Kingfisher Swing
Kingfisher Tango
Kingston Quickstep
King Tut Three Step
Kinnear Foxtrot
Kintyre, Waltz of
Ki-oti Quickstep
Kira Quickstep
Kirralee Swing
Kirsty Quickstep
Kirsty Saunter
Kirsty's Waltz
Kittle Jive
Kiwi Quickstep New Zealand
Klaxon Jive
Klaxon Swing
Knightsbridge Quickstep
Koala Quickstep, The
Kontiki Quickstep
Kookaburra Quickstep
Kopaz Waltz
Kouros Tango
Kristen's Saunter
Kumala Quickstep
Kuranda Waltz
K-Zee Quickstep