Sunday, 2 September 2007

Steepest Streets in Dunedin

Dunedin City Council lists all streets in Dunedin whose gradients are steeper than 1:6. The website states: "These gradients are ratios, and are not measured in any particular unit eg. metres or feet. E.g. to describe the gradient of Baldwin Street (1:2.9) for every 2.9 units in, it goes 1 unit up; whereas for Pacific Street (1:5.9), for every 5.9 units in, it goes 1 unit up."

Baldwin Street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's steepest street (though the Council notes that there is some dispute over the record as only 6m out of the total street length of 30m is at the steepest gradient)

1:2.9 Baldwin Street Top End
1:3.3 Lauder Street Above Hinkley Street
1:3.4 Kenilworth Street Glengyle St - Shandon Street
1:3.6 Arnold Street Manapouri Street - Radnor Street
1:3.6 Jessie Street Rotoiti Street - Manapouri Street
1:3.7 Dalmeny Street Upper Half
1:4.0 Kellas Street Above Gorman Street
1:4.0 Maitland Street High Street - Stafford Street
1:4.1 Tekapo Street At Ravensbourne Road
1:4.4 View Street Moray Place - Tennyson Street
1:4.5 Goodall Street Above Barnes Drive
1:4.5 Howard Street Lower Half
1:4.5 Seddon Street Above Totara Street
1:4.5 Torr Street Lower Half
1:4.8 Cole Street Main South Road - Sidey Street
1:4.8 Rainton Street Easter Cres - Bangor Tce
1:4.9 Osbourne Street Carson Street - Glen Road
1:4.9 Ramsay Street Below Gladstone Road
1:5.0 Athol Place Manapouri Street - Totara Street
1:5.1 St. David Street Forth Street - Harbour Tce
1:5.2 Asgog Street Manapouri Street - Totara Street
1:5.2 Challis Street Lower Half
1:5.3 Birchfield Avenue Above Pleasant Place
1:5.3 Falcon Street Kaikorai Valley Road - Oates Street
1:5.3 Filleul Street Hanover Street - London Street
1:5.3 Montague Street Upper Half
1:5.4 Calder Avenue Above Primrose Bank
1:5.4 Gorman Street Above Kellas Street
1:5.4 Opoho Road Hatfield Street - Signal Hill Road
1:5.6 Blacks Road Main North Road - Evans Street
1:5.6 William Street High Street - Serpentine Road
1:5.7 Brunel Street Mailer Street - Laurie Street
1:5.7 Porterfield Street Above Kellas Street
1:5.9 Pacific Street Upper Half