Monday, 1 October 2007

Leaf Shapes

From the Wikipedia article here

Acicular (acicularis): Slender and pointed, needle-like
Acuminate (acuminata): Tapering to a long point
Aristate (aristata): Ending in a stiff, bristle-like point
Bipinnate (bipinnata): Each leaflet also pinnate
Cordate (cordata): Heart-shaped, stem attaches to cleft
Cuneate (cuneata): Triangular, stem attaches to point
Deltoid (deltoidea): Triangular, stem attaches to side
Digitate (digitata): Divided into finger-like lobes
Elliptic (elliptica): Oval, with a short or no point
Falcate (falcata): sickle-shaped
Flabellate (flabellata): Semi-circular, or fan-like
Hastate (hastata): shaped like a spear point, with flaring pointed lobes at the base
Lance-shaped, lanceolate (lanceolata): Long, wider in the middle
Linear (linearis): Long and very narrow
Lobed (lobata): With several points
Obcordate (obcordata): Heart-shaped, stem attaches to tapering point
Oblanceolate (oblanceolata): Top wider than bottom
Oblong (oblongus): Having an elongated form with slightly parallel sides
Obovate (obovata): Teardrop-shaped, stem attaches to tapering point
Obtuse (obtusus): With a blunt tip
Orbicular (orbicularis): Circular
Ovate (ovata): Oval, egg-shaped, with a tapering point
Palmate (palmata): Divided into many lobes
Pedate (pedata): Palmate, with cleft lobes
Peltate (peltata): Rounded, stem underneath
Perfoliate (perfoliata): Stem through the leaves
Pinnate (pinnata): Two rows of leaflets
odd-pinnate : pinnate with a terminal leaflet
paripinnate, even-pinnate : pinnate lacking a terminal leaflet
Pinnatisect (pinnatifida): Cut, but not to the midrib (it would be pinnate then)
Reniform (reniformis): Kidney-shaped
Rhomboid (rhomboidalis): Diamond-shaped
Round (rotundifolia): Circular
Sagittate (sagittata): Arrowhead-shaped
Spatulate, spathulate (spathulata): Spoon-shaped
Spear-shaped (hastata): Pointed, with barbs
Subulate (subulata): Awl-shaped with a tapering point
Sword-shaped (ensiformis): Long, thin, pointed
Trifoliate, ternate (trifoliata): Divided into three leaflets
Tripinnate (tripinnata): Pinnately compound in which each leaflet is itself bipinnate
Truncate (truncata): With a squared off end
Unifoliate (unifoliata): with a single leaf

^ a: Or to be more precise, the "leaf" consists of two joined leaves united around the stem. The term perfoliate still applies.


The Vapour Trailer said...

Love this one! Will have to try and use obovate and acicular in sentences in the near future.