Thursday, 13 December 2007

Ten sundial mottoes

From a list of 50 sundial mottoes given on Sundials on the Internet's mottoes page here. The list of 50 is itself selected from more than 2000 mottoes collected by sundial maker James Stewart, who worked in Invercargill, New Zealand up until his death in 1933. As stated on the website, Bruce Christie of the Plant Sciences Department at NZ's Massey University and great great grandson of James Stewart, supplied the list.

1    A day may prime thee, improve this hour.
2    Moved by the light.
3    A stick in time saves mine.
4    On this moment hangs eternity.
5    To thee that mourn the hours are slow. But with joyful swiftly go.
6    The gliding hour flies on its fitful wings.
7    Come boys now's the hour.
8    Learn ze, years pass by like running water.
9    Snatch the present hour, fear the last.
10    As a shadow such is life.