Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The Brady Bunch

A list of plot summaries for the first ten episodes of The Brady Bunch from The Canonical Brady Bunch Episode Guide here


1. "The Honeymoon," 26 Sep 1969 [0]
Mike and Carol tie the knot. As the world
now knows, it's how they became the Brady bunch.


NOTE: The following six episodes were filmed as a group rather
than serially due to Florence Henderson's nightclub schedule.

2. "Dear Libby," 3 Oct 1969 [1]
Suspicions abound when a letter appears in an
advice column which suits America's favorite
blended family to a tee.

3. "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy," 10 Oct 1969 [5]
Cindy is torn by having to choose which
parent to see her play the fairy princess in a
school play.

4. "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," 17 Oct 1969 [6]
Now that Mike has a wife, Alice decides she's
no longer needed. The family convinces her

5. "Katchoo," 24 Oct 1969 [4]
Jan appears to be allergic to Tiger, the
family dog. (The original Tiger was killed during
the filming of this episode.)

6. "A Clubhouse Is Not a Home," 31 Oct 1969 [2]
The boys are reluctant to share their
clubhouse with their new sisters.

7. "Kitty Karry-All Is Missing," 7 Nov 1969 [3]
Bobby is accused of stealing Cindy's favorite

8. "A-Camping We Will Go," 14 Nov 1969 [12]
The boys bristle at the prospect of Carol and
the girls coming on their traditional all-male
camping trip.

9. "Sorry, Right Number," 21 Nov 1969 [9]
Fed up with rising phone bills, Mike has a
pay phone installed in the family room. Allan
Melvin makes his first appearance as Sam Franklin.

10. "Every Boy Does It Once," 5 Dec 1969 [14]
Bobby decides that Carol is an evil
stepmother and runs away.