Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sea Jargon

A list of words and phrases from "Sea Jargon, A Dictionary of the Unwritten Language of the Sea" by Lew Lind, Kangaroo Press, 1982.

Ocean dust: The salty conversation of an older sailor.

Glue: Fog or mist.

Spotted dog: A boiled pudding with currants or raisins.

Swans: Jagged blocks of floating ice.

The Painter's brush: High thin cirrus clouds which often foretell bad weather.

Squealer: The accordian.

Paper Navy: The administrative branches of the service.

Windog: A part of a rainbow. A portent of gusty weather.

Go round the buoy: To have a second serving of a meal.

Like a pea on a drum: The bouncing action of small vessels in a brisk sea.

Captain's flower: The geranium. This was the only flowering plant which could survive voyages in excess of 200 days in sailing ships.

Flapping the bats: Tapping one's toes in time with the music.

Ice blink: A bright reflection in the sky indicating the presence of ice covered sea or land.