Saturday, 26 May 2007

Extreme Croquet Clubs

From Connecticut's Extreme Croquet Society website here

KrocketKlubben R.Å.S.O.P. - Oldest known extreme croquet club

Berkeley X-treme Croquet - Home of Berkeley X-treme Croquet

Cackling Crows eXtreme Croquet Society - Red Hat chapter

CroquetClub Austria - Austria's first active croquet organization

Croquet Club Dauphiné - French Croquet, Dauphinois style

Croquet Science Copenhagen - One of Denmark's first Extreme Croquet clubs.

Extreme Croquet - DC, MD, VA - Metro DC area - Gay Guys Only - Think Pink.

Gimåt Krocket Bandits - Home of the Gimåt Krocket Bandits - Sweden

Golden Mallet Croquet Society - Home of Golden Mallet Croquet Society

Gordon Head Croquet Association - Slightly eXtreme in Victoria, BC

Hamburger Croquet Club - Hamburger Croquet Club - Hamburg, Germany

Hardcore Croquet - Home of the Hardcore Croquet Club

Honors Croquet League - University of Washington, Seattle

Ironman Croquet League - Home of the Ironman Croquet League

Lakewood Croquet Club - Home of the Lakewood Croquet Club

Malletball & - National Malletball and ToeQuet Website

Manassas Lawn & Garden Club - Home of Manassas Lawn & Garden Club

Maryland eXtreme Croquet Society - Home page of CeCS's Sister Club

Modoc XC Croquet - Cross Country Croquet in Modoc County, California

Rochester Croqueteer - Rochester Croqueteers Extreme Croquet Club

San Francisco Extreme Croquet - San Francisco Extreme Croquet Club

Texas A&M eXtreme @ college Station - Texas A&M University eXtreme

U.S. Links Croquet Association - Home of U.S. Links Croquet Association

Wonder Wicket Light - Wicket Lights for Night Play

XCXC: cross Country eXtreme Croquet - Spreading eXtremeness from Nova Scotia to Virginia!


Zachary Kohn said...

You forgot about BU International Extreme Croquet Society. We are the extreme croquet club at Boston University and have over 77 members listed.