Thursday, 17 May 2007

Unusual instruments

From the Odd Music Gallery here

Aeolian Wind Harp - Played by the wind; free of the touch of human hands
Aquaggaswack - 29 hanging pot lids, a gong tree with a wide sonic palette
Bamboo Saxophones - Sax's crafted by Ángel Sampedro del Rio
Bazantar - 5-string acoustic bass -- with an extra 33 strings
Beer Bottle Organ - Instead of pipes, this organ uses beer bottles
Bikelophone - A palette of sonic exploration, with a bicycle hub
Boobam drums - Tubular drums made by Bill Loughborough
Clackamore - Percussive and melody mouth instrument
Contrabass Sax in Eb - Biggest woodwind in the world, a monster
Cymbalom - An old hammered dulcimer with a new twist
Double Violin - Two violins that share a common fingerboard
Electronic Bagpipe - An analog electronic bagpipe instrument
Fences -Violinist Jon Rose plays fences with his bow
Fiddle-dee-doo - Globu-tubular horn with goatskin resonator
Fire Organ - A thermoacoustically controlled pyrophone organ
Gas Tank Orchestra - Yes, the instruments are made of old gas tanks
Guitar Machine - Guitar, bass, and more, played with the feet
Harp Guitar - Part guitar, part bass, part harp
Hmong Harp Double-tongued ethereal brass mouth harp
Imratgitar - 20-string instrument combining guitar and sitar
LEGO Harpsichord - Harpsichord made of over 100,000 LEGO's
Nano Guitar - World's smallest guitar, the size of a human cell
RingFlute - Circular flute invented by James Johnson
A tubular bell, sit-and-spin sculpture
Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee
Serpentine Bassoon - electroacoustic double reed instrument that controls effects machines and synthesizers
Singing Stones - 100 river rocks suspended by music wire from a wing-shaped sound box
Stalacpipe Organ - An organ that plays 3 1/2 acres of stalactites
Windform - A 20-foot long playable horn, built of leather