Friday, 11 May 2007

Five ancient or extinct languages starting with V

From The Linguist List's index of 224 ancient and extinct languages here

An ancient language of Spain and Africa. 5th century AD. Unrecorded.

An ancient language of northern Italy. It has one of the largest collections of inscriptions in a language of pre-Roman Italy, though they are usually short and contain very few words. The main centers of the Veneti were at modern Este, Padua and Vicenza. 5th BC - 1st century BC.

An ancient language of east-central Italy, spoken by the Vestini, who lived near the Picenes and Marrucini. Their chief settlement was Aufinum (modern Ofena). Only two Vestinian inscriptions exist, both of which are heavily Latinized, since they were conquered by Rome in the late 4th century BC. 250-100 BC.

An extinct language of Central Russia. 13th century AD.

An ancient language of Italy, spoken in southern Latium, near Rome. Several inscriptions exist, none of which are extensive. The language uses an archaic Latin alphabet. 3rd century BC.


Rajagiri said...

tamil is also one