Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Hungarian tongue-twisters

List of roughly translated Hungarian tongue-twisters, from the 1st International Collection of Tongue-twisters here

Sour-cherry seed! Are you a cultivated sour-cherry seed, or a wild sour-cherry seed?

I saw a bearded hamster. It was lapping syrup. If a hamster is lapping syrup, it will be seized with a hamster-clamp.

Black bull hoofs are knocking on the checquered stone floor of the pharmacy.

You committed this fake crime, you!

Give me a mouthful of wall, said the wall eating wooden horse.

There is going to be a party on Sunday, if it is raining there won't be one, if it isn't there will be one.

A tiny vole poked the tummy of another tiny vole, then the tiny vole who got his tummy poked also poked the tummy of the tiny vole who had poked his tummy.

The whisky-mixer Mr. Whisky, doesn't serve mixed whisky.

Two piles of bald worms plus two piles of bald worms equals four piles of bald worms.