Monday, 23 April 2007

Saturn (3)

List of recent news from the world of Saturn. For more stories (as well as views and movies), visit Saturn Today, "Your Daily Source of Saturn News" here (or give them a ring...)

[Sunday, April 22, 2007] The Cassini spacecraft gazes upward at the face of giant Saturn, seeing beyond the equator to where ring shadows fall across the bluish northern latitudes.

[Saturday, April 21, 2007] A group of friends gazes upward at Saturn through a telescope in a suburban backyard, seeing a tiny, bright-white dot, precisely-ringed, on a black background the size of a coin.

[Friday, April 6, 2007] Cassini spacecraft view shows details of Saturn's outer A ring, including the Encke and Keeler gaps. The A ring brightens substantially outside the Keeler Gap.

[Friday, April 6, 2007] Infrared view from high above Saturn's ringplane highlights the contrast in the cloud bands, the dimly glowing rings and their shadows on the gas giant planet. The overall effect is stirring.

[Monday, April 2, 2007] The Cassini spacecraft gazes toward the multiple strands of the ever-changing F ring, also sighting Atlas at its station just beyond the A ring edge.

[Wednesday, March 28, 2007] Cassini takes in a sweeping view of Saturn's south polar region as the planet's shadow masks the rings and bright, icy Mimas looks on from left.

[Wednesday, March 28, 2007] A serene orb of ice is set against the gentle pastel clouds of giant Saturn. Rhea transits the face of the gas giant, whose darkened rings and their planet-hugging shadows appear near upper right.