Friday, 13 April 2007

Sounds made in various contexts by Norwegian rats Snip, Cricket, Widget and Squeak

Snip peeps while Cricket grooms his head.
Snip peeps several times in a row while Cricket grooms his head.
Short squeak by Snip during head grooming.
Cricket and Snip are both in a tube hammock, and one of them squeaks twice.
More short squeaks...
Widget gives "chevron-shaped" squeak during altercation with Snip.
Widget squeaks during altercation with Snip
Snip squeak-churrs during altercation with Widget
Three long squeaks by Snip during intense altercation with Widget
Double shriek by Widget, during petting when he didn't want to be petted.
Long squeaks, broken long squeaks, squeak-churrs, then shrieks from Widget during an attempt to give him medicine orally by syringe (no, he wasn't hurt, just furious).
Widget chatters during agonistic encounter with Snip
Longer sequence of Widget chattering, with simultaneous ultrasonic vocalizations by Snip
Snip emits series of Distress Ultrasonic Vocalizations during intense nose-off with Widget (inaudible to human ears)

To listen to these sounds and more visit here