Saturday, 28 April 2007

Up up and away!

15 descriptions of hot-air balloon photos. For over a hundred more (and the photos themselves) see's picture gallery here

1. A gathering of a large number of hot air balloons all taking off simultaneously.

2. The hot air balloons flying over the road in the ski resort.

3. Another Alpine hot air ballooning photo, this time of a great swarm of balloons all taking off together.

4. The hot air balloons taking off over a cable car.

5. The balloons envelope casting a shadow on to the ground in the snow.

6. Birds eye view picture of a hot air balloon on the ground, taken from a balloon above.

7. Balloon flying over the Alps in a Swiss resort.

8. A hot air balloon landing marker on the ground which is used in much the same way as a heli-pad, a cross to mark the spot where the balloon should land.

9. A selection of different company balloons (Canon etc) flying over the Swiss Alps.

10. A helicopter being used to transport the envelope and basket back to resort. In Alpine ballooning, the helicopter will have to be used as it is impossible to drive in the snow.

11. The basket and envelope being dropped off back at the starting point.

12. A bunch of hot air balloons waiting for take off at the Alpine Balloon Meet in Switzerland.

13. Hot air balloons flying over the Swiss Alps.

14. Serene, quiet beauty as a hot air balloon flies over the Alps of Switzerland.

15. Alpine Balloon Meet in Chateau D Oex, Switzerland.