Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Questions recently asked on "Ask a Philosopher"

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Ann asked: Is there such a thing as nothing?

Lawrence asked: What is it for an argument to be sound? Can arguments be valid but not sound or sound but not valid?

Laura asked: What is most 'real', the chair you are sitting on, the molecules that make up the chair as you are sitting on it, or something else? Why?

Anos asked: What are the three stages which contributed to the change of life from the state of nature to the present society according to John Jacques Rousseau?

Maria asked: What is the definition of love from a philosopher's point of view?

James asked: What is the comparison between Aristotle and the Stoics on the importance of externals?

Kassandra asked: Do we need a solar system?

Richard asked: Please explain the epistemological difference between 'real' and 'true'.

Anders asked: Is it possible to make sense of explaining a word like 'meaning'? If so, how can one try to explain (or understand) it?